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entropy - Tuesday November 18th 2014 (1w3d3h46m38s ago)
Just now updated the replies (made them better).
entropy - Tuesday November 11th 2014 (2w2d11h52m32s ago)
Fixed the cookies not working right...
entropy - Saturday October 25th 2014 (4w6d4h51m59s ago)
Our beloved HorseC passed away on March 4th 2014, feel free to share your feelings. His Picture: http://mypastebin.com/horsec.png His Profile: http://mypastebin.com/profile.php?user=HorseC His Scripts: http://mypastebin.com/search.php?page=1&search=HorseC&cat=author&by=DESC&results=100 HorseC was the "#mIRC" founder on DALnet (and spent over a decade unselfishly answering peoples mIRC questions). He was a great guy! Forever loved & Never forgotten Jim.
entropy - Wednesday October 15th 2014 (6w2d40m55s ago)
Just added a "Clipboard" button!
entropy - Tuesday October 14th 2014 (6w2d8h8m19s ago)
Working hard on new features!

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